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    Caff has been growing together with the development of whole China automotive industry right upon its foundation in 1952, forming strong technology force, excellent product quality, widespread sales network, scientific internal management, with remarkable footprints in the field of commercial vehicles and  passenger cars. For this, we value constant efforts and contributions from generations of Caff people, as well as warm support and concern from governments, OEM customers, partners, and players.
    Caff has achieved much yesterday, gaining sound excellence today, while encouraged to striving for promising prospect tomorrow. Sticking to Caff spirit of  “Innovating, Crediting, Farseeing” and observing enterprise concept of “’Respect Individual , Pursue Credit, Strive Best” , Caff people do not have a limited view  only on China, but also whole world, for global growth of this prospective automotive industry.
    We keep strongly determined to step from first pace across long and hard journey. We are never unwilling to face any challenge, having instead full confidence in future. Based on our discreet judgment and experience for this industry, with continuous striving as an additional plus from Caff people, we would like to share our hands with friends globally to be bound to build Caff’s better future.




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